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Chinese regulators gives fines

Chinese regulators gives fines

Social networks and government intelligence services demand the control and removal of inappropriate content. The Chinese regulator has imposed an unspecified fine on Kuaishou Technology, Tencent's QQ, Alibaba Taobao, Weibo and Little Red Book, as well as removing offensive accounts. The campaign for publishing online content within the rules continues and these fines are also imposed in this context. Such a content is detrimental to the health and mental development of minors. The agency plans to step up enforcement of laws and regulations and promises to punish those who violate these rules.

As part of its campaign, the regulator plans to solve the problem of live streaming of teenagers, the quality of online educational platforms, violent and sexually explicit animations, online communities and celebrity fan clubs. Technology companies will have to take steps to combat the exploitation of children, including Facebook, which announced new measures related to the abuse of children's content in February.


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